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As one of the leading wedding planners in Croatia we strive for perfection and work with the world’s greatest wedding organizers and vendors alike. Specialized in bespoke weddings and organizing luxury events we aim to cater for any and every need you might have. Whatever corner of the world you contact us from Wonderful Weddings in Croatia guarantee to deliver a truly unique wedding experience.

This is exclusively about you and your wishes coming to life.

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Croatia is abundant with truly beautiful locations and for your wedding we have chosen some of the most gorgeous ones.

Wonderful Weddings in Croatia has been remembered by many newlyweds, as have some unforgettable wedding sites such as legendary Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Rovinj, Opatija, Zadar and Zagreb. Renowned worldwide for their exquisite beauty and splendor they have recently been discovered by Hollywood as a perfect setting for some of the most popular series and films alike in the world today, Game of Thrones being the most famous of them all. It features the magnificent walls of Dubrovnik with its old town and the Diocletian Palace in Split as well as their equally astonishing surroundings.

Allow yourself to be enchanted with some of the most romantic ancient cities in the world through a wedding experience on the Croatian coast, designed and organized just for you by W2 – Wonderful Weddings in Croatia.

Maja Kauzlarić
CEO and Creative Director

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Croatia wedding planner - Croatia wedding organizer - Wedding planner Croatia - Wedding organizer Croatia - Wonderful Weddings in Croatia - W²
Remember the day…

Small yet wonderfully diverse, Croatia offers breathtaking experience. Stretching from the Pannonian Plain in the north to the Adriatic Sea in the south, our country will dazzle you with its magnificent coast, landscapes, nature parks and retreats as well as historic cities such as Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija, Zadar and Rovinj.

A typical day on our coast is bathed in sunshine, has an omnipresent scent of sea salt in the air and is abundant in splendid scenery.

And just like the sun, your memories of this day will never fade away. Our team, devoted to every artistic and sensory detail you can think of, will go out of its way to make sure your wedding and time spent here stays with you forever.

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…and don’t forget the night

A slightly different kind of magic appears after sunset when the blue sea of the day turns into an endless river of  countless stars of the night. Warm, romantic lights fill up the sky and the space you share together. Intimacy and our subtle design then come into play together with great cuisine and dancing under the crisp moonlight shining against peoples’ eyes and faces.

Spoil yourselves rotten and experience the most gorgeous and romantic time of your life in Croatia.

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You take care of each other…

Our role is to make you feel carefree at your own wedding, much like two leading characters in a novel, your fate already written down by a magnificent writer. So let us write this symbolic path together with you on your wedding day. You simply love each other day and night under the chandelier sky.

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…and we take care of all the rest!


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